BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cams

The Pittasoft BlackVue DR650GW-2CH is a dual channel sprint cam with WiFi talents that is an replace of the DR550GW-2CH. This dash cam comes with GPS, G-sensor and parking mode. The camera is based on the HiSilicon Hi3516 processor and Sony Exmor CMOS sensor (the front camera). both cameras are small with the front digital camera measuring 118.wi-five x 36mm and the rear digicam measuring 67mm x 28mm. The the front camera information at 1080p however the rear digicam best records at 720p which is disappointing considering that severa twin 1080p cameras have been launched. Visi:

while the scale and capabilities are very appealing, the most important downside is the video nice. The the front digital camera has superb video wi-first-rate for the duration of the day and average video wi-fiwireless at night time. whilst the video great for the the front camera is barely higher than the DR550GW-HD it is not a dramatic development. Blockiness / pixelation still occurs in a few settings. The rear digicam is average at pleasant.

one among our individuals USDashCamera, did a video evaluation of the camera.

DR550GW-2CH evaluation

The DR650GW-2CH has a number of upgrades over the DR550GW-2CH. They encompass:

better bit fee – Low bitrates has been a common subject matter with BlackVue cameras however have progressed barely with the DR650GW-2CH. The front camera has a bit fee of eight.5Mbps (previously was 6 Mbps) and the rear camera has a bit fee of three Mbps (formerly turned into 2 Mbps). unfortunately this is nevertheless quite low and pixelization / blockiness nevertheless occurs in some settings.
Smaller viewing perspective – The viewing perspective of the front digital camera has been reduced from 137° to 129°
Black Case – except the “BLACKVUE c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a complete HD” brand, the entire case is usually black. The silver ring across the lens and the gray ring at the camera mount are long past making this digicam more discreet.
New coaxial cable – The coaxial cable connecting the the front and rear cameras is available in 6m, 10m or 15m and is also thinner. The thinner cable can effortlessly get broken so be cautious whilst putting in. A damaged cable may bring about no picture / negative photograph wi-fine from the rear digital camera.
64GB cards – popular support of 64GB reminiscence playing cards
Firmware Over The Air – Firmware can be up to date automatically via c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a when you have the app in your phone.

Rear digital camera colour trouble

some customers have complained of a random color problem for the rear digital camera. This typically happens whilst the digicam operates in excessive temperatures. This video demonstrates the trouble. there is no known solution.

crimson Tint on aspects

One complaint we’ve got heard some instances is that the digital camera records a purplish tint at the right / left aspect of the digicam as shown on this video. that is possibly due to a poorly adjusted white stability and may be corrected with a wi-firmware update.

DAB Radio Interference

some proprietors have complained that this camera interferes with digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio. this is typically because of the cable connecting the front and rear cameras and the way it is mounted. Repositioning the cable has helped reduce the trouble. some owners have delivered a ferrite core to reduce the hassle. those may additionally or won’t work in all cases.…